urban pole.

World Trade Center Montevideo, WTC Montevideo Free Zone Towers 1 and 2, Hilton Garden Inn and Montevideo Shopping are situated in the most strategic location in Montevideo. During the last decades, the realization of these outstanding real estate, commercial and business projects has consolidated this modern urban pole as the best and most complete in Uruguay. The wide range of accessible services and the unique location in the city, a few minutes from the Port and Carrasco International Airport and with spectacular views of the Port of Buceo, have also contributed to this consolidation.


World Trade Center Montevideo comprises six towers: WTC 1 and WTC 2 with 22 floors each, WTC 3 with 19 floors, WTC 4 with 40 floors, WTC Montevideo Free Zone Tower 1 with 24 floors and Tower 2 with 20 floors along with two three-storey buildings called WTC Plaza and WTC Avenida. There is also a large central square called Plaza de las Torres, whose Paseo de las Esculturas stands out crowned with a magnificent sculpture by Pablo Atchugarry, a renowned national artist. These buildings compose the most important AAA business complex in Uruguay.

International reputation.

The idea of aiming at commercial decentralization originally conceived and promoted by architects Ernesto Kimelman and David Ruben Flom together with Estudio Luis E. Lecueder, a renowned firm with vast experience in the real estate business in Uruguay, has been put into effect through the consolidation of the Complex. Credibility, an international reputation, service excellence and contribution to the urban development of World Trade Center Montevideo’s sphere of influence are only some of the characteristics of the added value that the brand offers.


World Trade Center Montevideo is only 20 minutes away from Carrasco International Airport and 15 from the Port of Montevideo. It is next to Montevideo Shopping, the first shopping mall of the country, in the area of greatest growth in the city. It combines a strategic location and high quality services in a gorgeous natural setting in harmony with the environment.


The towers and buildings which compose the Complex have a diaphanous-floor structure which adjusts to the specific needs of each company willing to settle into them. Its electronic brain centralizes energy supply, security control and maintenance of equipment and facilities. A sophisticated system supports an excellent level of surveillance and provides comfort as well as protection to thousands of people who enter the Complex every day.

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The World Trade Centers Association is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1970. It currently groups 323 WTC license holders worldwide located in the main cities of 90 countries in 5 continents, constituting a global network. The World Trade Centers Association promotes trade and investment opportunities for commercial property developers, economic development agencies, and international businesses seeking to connect globally and prosper locally.

Cr. Carlos A. Lecueder

Cr. Carlos A. Lecueder is the principal partner of Estudio Luis E. Lecueder, a firm of professionals which has specialized in the development and administration of real estate and commercial projects. Estudio Luis E. Lecueder administers Nuevocentro Shopping, Montevideo Shopping, Portones Shopping and Tres Cruces Shopping & Bus Terminal in Montevideo, as well as Salto Shopping & Bus Terminal, Mercedes Shopping & Bus Terminal and Colonia Shopping in the country. It also provides advisory services to shopping centers located in foreign countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Perú and Bolivia. Therefore, they have vast experience in the development and administration of commercial and service complexes.

The firm was also a team member of the developer for World Trade Center Montevideo Complex and joined SAFEMA, a corporation dedicated to the study and development of real estate business projects in Montevideo and Punta del Este, having constructed over 30 buildings in the 70’s and 80’s.

Arq. Ernesto Kimelman

Owner of the KIMELMAN.MORAES architectural studio. He graduated in 1977 from the Israel Institute of Technology - TECHNION and has always worked in the private sector. He has worked in a very wide variety of fields, venturing into residential architecture, commercial architecture, renovation work and urban development projects. He has also been very active in commercial interior design.

Alongside his professional work as an architect, Kimelman has significant business operations in the construction industry, as a director of several companies that have developed more than 500,000 square metres of new architecture and 6,000 square metres of renovation work.

The largest projects and construction works he has been involved in notably include: Torres NÁUTICAS, Torre CAELUS, BILÚ Carrasco Complex, CARRASCO BOATING Complex, WORLD TRADE CENTER Montevideo Business Complex (WTC1, WTC2, WTC3, WTC4), WORLD TRADE CENTER Montevideo Free Zone 1 and 2, WORLD TRADE CENTER Punta del Este Free Zone, COSMOS mixed-use complex, the Plot Zoning Plan for the Comprehensive Renovation of a Sector of the Old City in Montevideo, the Renovation Plan for Plaza Zabala and the surrounding area, the Detailed Urban Plan for an 8-hectare surface area in the El Buceo neighbourhood of Montevideo, and a Detailed Urban Plan in Ciudad de la Costa, Department of Canelones, Uruguay.

Arq. David Ruben Flom

Throughout his vast career as an architect, he has participated in a multitude of urban planning and architectural projects, focused on the renovation of the Old City of Montevideo and the private development of residential, commercial and office buildings.

Since 1993, he has promoted and conducted the Urban Development Plans for the area where World Trade Center Montevideo and WTC Montevideo Free Zone are located.

He is one of the managing directors of WTC project and has co-managed the planning and direction of the works in their various phases. In parallel with his professional activity, he has conducted a significant number of business activities, promoting and executing several real estate developments in new and recycling projects

Ec. Thomas Kossmann

Ec. Kossman is one of the directors of Marciry S.A., the company which promoted and developed World Trade Center Montevideo Complex, and of Reko S.A., a trading company.

He is also a partner of Prosperitas Capital Partners, the first Venture Capital Fund administrators in Uruguay. Investment is made directly in private expanding companies through this organization, which plays an active role in the management of those companies.


The company which has promoted and supported this project is Marciry S.A., incorporated in 1992 with the objective of developing a business complex of high standing in our country.

The Board of Directors of Marciry S.A. is composed of Cr. Carlos A. Lecueder, Chairman, Arq. Ernesto Kimelman, Vice-chairman, Arq. Ruben David Flom and Ec. Thomas Kossmann, Directors.

Buildings and community
that compose the Complex.

163.000 m2 of floor area

+10,500 people working in it
every day
+2,500 daily visitors

+10,200 users of WTC
Montevideo Member Card
+450 national and multinational
companies operating in it

Montevideo 1

Location: Cr. Luis E. Lecueder 3536 (at L. A de Herrera)

Opening year: 1998

Number of floors: 22

Square meters built: 17,100

Special features: Offices ranging in size from 70m2 to 550 m2 and over. Commercial premises on the ground floor.

Montevideo 2

Location: Cr. Luis E. Lecueder 3536 (at Dr. Luis Bonavita)

Opening year: 2002

Number of floors: 22

Square meters built: 17,100

Special features: Offices ranging in size from 70m2 to 550 m2 and over. It hosts WTC Auditorium and commercial premises on the ground floor.

Montevideo 3

Location: L. A de Herrera and 26 de Marzo

Opening year: 2009

Number of floors: 19

Square meters built: 27,000

Special features: Offices ranging in size from 50m2 to 850 m2 and over. Commercial premises on the ground floor.

de las Torres

Location: L. A. de Herrera and 26 de Marzo

Opening year: 2009.

Special features: Spectacular square which hosts sculptures, ponds, green spaces and a magnificent work of art by Pablo Atchugarry.


Location: Dr. Luis Bonavita and Cr. Luis E. Lecueder

Opening year: 2013

Number of floors: 40

Square meters built: 53,500

Special features: With a height of 112 meters, it is the tallest private tower in Uruguay.

WTC Montevideo
Free Zone,
Tower 1

Location: Dr. Luis Bonavita and Tte. Pablo Galarza

Opening year: 2010

Number of floors:a 24-storey office block including a 2-storey Business Center

Square meters built: 32,500

Special features: Free Trade Zone of Services of World Trade Center Montevideo Complex. International heliport on the building rooftop.

WTC Montevideo
Free Zone,
Tower 2

Opening year: 2020

Number of floors: a 20-storey office block where offices allow for total flexibility. The tower comprises a large 3,200-square meter central square.

Towers 1 & 2: LEED Certification

Modern infraestructura

World Class Data Center

24/7 Security System


Location: Dr. Luis Bonavita and 26 de Marzo

Opening year: 2009

Number of floors: 2

Square meters built: 6,300

Special features: gastronomy premises on the ground floor opposite Plaza de las Torres and Bonavita St. Offices range in size from a minimum of 80 m2.


Location: L. A de Herrera 1248

Opening year: 1998

Number of floors: 2

Square meters built: 5,600

Special features: commercial premises on the ground floor and offices ranging in size from a minimum of 40m2.

Punta del Este Free Zone

Location: Avda. Gorlero y Calle 31, Punta del Este, Maldonado

Opening year: 2025

Number of floors: 21

Square meters built: 28,000

Special features: First Free Trade Zone of Maldonado. 21 floors of modern offices, two levels of comercial premises on the ground floor and meeting rooms.


Premier Accreditation of WTC Association

World Trade Center Montevideo and WTC Montevideo Free Zone obtain Premier Accreditation from the World Trade Centers Association

We are delighted to announce that World Trade Center Montevideo and WTC Montevideo Free Zone have been recognized as a global center of excellence, having obtained Premier Accreditation from the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) with specializations in the four existing categories.
This prestigious recognition highlights our dedication to meeting and exceeding industry standards. It also underlines the excellence of our facilities and services at the national and international levels.

About the WTCA Accreditation Program
The WTCA Accreditation Program is an invaluable opportunity for members who meet or exceed industry standards to be given global recognition. This accreditation not only distinguishes individual members, but also raises the profile of the WTC brand worldwide.
The main benefits of this accreditation include:

  • Celebrating WTCA Champions: Accreditation recognizes members who demonstrate excellence and leadership in their services and facilities.
  • Brand Strengthening: Through accreditation members contribute to the strength and prestige of the WTC brand worldwide.
  • Industry Standards: Accreditation drives members to excel in industry standards, promoting continuous improvement.
  • International Recognition: Accredited members’ facilities and services are recognized internationally. This boosts their visibility and reputation.
  • Diversity in Service Offerings: Accreditation reflects the variety and quality of services offered by WTCA members.


Categories and Specializations
The WTCA Accreditation Program includes two kinds of accredited members: Accredited and Premier Accredited.
It also offers four specializations:

  1. Trade Development
  2. Commercial Real Estate and Services
  3. Business and Member Services
  4. Conference and Exhibition Services


Recognition of Excellence
Obtaining Premier Accreditation is a testament to our commitment to excellence and quality in all aspects of our services. This recognition motivates us to keep improving and positions us as an outstanding leader within the global network of World Trade Centers.
This achievement reinforces our mission to provide world-class facilities and services and to contribute to local and international economic development and growth. We thank the WTCA for this honor and our customers, community, suppliers and partners for their ongoing support.


About the World Trade Centers Association
The WTCA is an international trade association and a membership community that provides exponential reach for its members to find the right trade and investment opportunities on a global scale. The WTCA provides the iconic World Trade Center brand, as well as an environment of trust and credibility. With more than 300 World Trade Center businesses in cities across nearly 100 countries, the association is an effective global network compromised of an ecosystem of economic development agencies, real estate developers, universities, logistical hubs, airports, free trade zones and more. The WTCA creates an environment where collaboration is encouraged between World Trade Center businesses to help educate and increase global trade and investment opportunities, and offers its members the tools to share best practices in areas such as agriculture, conferences and exhibitions, real estate, business clubs and trade services.