Meeting Rooms.

World Trade Center Montevideo has two multifunctional meeting rooms equipped with audiovisual technology and furniture suitable for all kinds of events.

Both rooms provide a full set of services, such as organization of events, coordination of installations and with suppliers, audiovisual and furniture services. Services are provided both to companies located in World Trade Center Montevideo and outside the Complex.

WTC Montevideo Auditorium is an amphitheater with a seating capacity of 180 located on the ground floor of Tower 2. Its sunny foyer is perfect for product display and catering services, from breakfasts to cocktails.

Tempus meeting room is located on the ground floor lobby of Tower 4. It has an innovative design with sculptures and plants in the foyer. With a seating capacity of 95, it offers technology and furniture suitable for conferences, product launch and workshops.

In both rooms we provide organization services to hold:

  • * Conferences
  • * Product and/or service launch and display
  • * Workshops
  • * Events, business breakfasts, along with others
  • * Thematic Conferences
  • * Fairs and congresses

For inquiries: Alicia D Agosto - Marketing Management


Phone: 094 44 30 84