Located on the top floor of WTC 4, Floor 40 Executives Club is an excellent platform where leaders, businessmen and professionals interact, share business experiences, develop new links and strengthen ties of friendship.

With a highly sophisticated design and state-of-the-art equipment, the club offers its members a luxury restaurant, private rooms for social and business meetings in a spectacular setting.

The initiatives taken by different organizations that promote entrepreneurship have created new opportunities in the country and in the region lately. The bylaws of Floor 40 Executives Club include the objective of encouraging and connecting entrepreneurs through the creation of a Network of Angel Investors to contribute to the generation of job opportunities and the consolidation of the country given the fundamental role played by entrepreneurs.

Created on May 9, 2013, WTC Montevideo Member is a Benefit Program developed jointly by Montevideo Shopping and World Trade Center Montevideo.

It is an exclusive free card available for all those who work in any of the Towers and buildings that compose the Complex. It allows them to access promotions, discounts and invitations to exclusive events.

The Program has currently more than 8,000 users, and its platform is the ideal means for the WTC Community to keep informed and updated on invitations to events, thematic conferences, courses and WE LEAD training workshops.

To register and access WTC Montevideo Member program, you need to follow a very simple procedure: fill in the Registration Form on the web with your details. www.wtcmontevideomember.com.uy.

Social Responsibility

At World Trade Center Montevideo we are committed to raising awareness and promoting our community through programs of different organizations that foster economic development, education, health and the preservation of the environment since they are considered fundamental pillars of society. The Complex incorporates Corporate Social Responsibility to its business and management vision, with a focus on respect, ethical values and the objective of improving the work environment, the area and the whole community.

Thus, we contribute with various organizations and public good campaigns, among which we highlight:

Education and Entrepreneurship

Salir Adelante Foundation - DESEM- DERES- Jubilar Highschool - ANIMA Bachillerato Tecnológico - ENDEAVOR.


Breast cancer prevention campaigns co-organized with ROCHE Laboratory, Cardiovascular disease prevention campaigns organized together with BAYER, dissemination of sports activities and promotion of the use of bicycles for riding to work.


Techo- Aldeas Infantiles- Campaña del Abrigo co-organized with Montevideo Shopping- Telethon- B nai B rith Uruguay.